The Hounder Vintage Brown

The Hounder is a modern take on a classic blues guitar design. The single cutaway elongated

body is a salute to the 1964 Kawai SRT model played by famous bluesman Hound Dog Taylor,

and it’s sound is unapologetic. This is the latest incarnation of what a blues guitar should be.

Fitted with two P90 soap bar pickups, the Hounder’s tone wails with clarity while retaining the

power from it’s midrange. A single three-way toggle switch allows for a variety of tonal options.

Resting alongside it atop the black “gunslinger” pick guard are two volume knobs and two tone

knobs, each responsible for a particular pickup.

Its 43mm mahogany body allows you to get up close and personal with the instrument, until it

essentially becomes a part of you. The Roller Nut bridge and BL tailpiece keep the instrument

perfectly intonated. If you’re the type of player that really digs into each note the C shape

Canadian Maple neck gives you the capability of demanding emotion from your riffs. The low

action and refined fret width make it incredibly playable.

Because of its attitude the Hounder will give you that edge your playing needs. Its sound is

meant for those addicted to the open road, those who rise above the noise, and those that walk

the line between blues crooner and pure rebel. This guitar howls at the moon. If you’re gonna

howl, may as well sound like a hound.


Scale 25.5"

MATERIAL: Canadian Maple NECK SHAPE: C Shape NUT: 43mm





SHAPE: Hounder Standard


MATERIAL: Mahogany

PICKUP: two P90

CONTROL: 2 Vol. 2 Tone 1 Toggle Switch 3 way

BRIDGE: Roller Nut + BL Tailpiece

FINISH: Vintage Sunburst Gloss

WEIGHT 7.7 lbs

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Bootlegger Guitar

BootLegger Guitar
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