Bourgeois Country Boy 40th Anniversary (4 of 15) Acoustic


One of the most gorgeous Country Boy guitars we've ever seen!

What we think:

After 40 years and more than 7000 guitars, luthier Dana Bourgeois is an icon in the guitar-building world. His work shows that it is possible to make a guitar that meets the most exacting standards of beauty in both sound and appearance; the fact that he is able to repeat that with every instrument he builds shows that Dana has achieved complete mastery of all the parameters that a luthier has to work with.

In honor of his long tenure as a builder, Dana has produced a limited run of guitars featuring the highest quality materials, hand-selected by the master himself. We are lucky to have #4 of 15, a majestic Bourgeois 40th Anniversary Limited-Edition Dreadnought. In this guitar, the elegant aesthetic that Dana pioneered with his DB Signature series is taken to the next level with the addition of the world's most expensive hardwood, snakewood. This gorgeous wood, among the hardest timbers known to man, makes up the bridge, fingerboard, peghead veneer, heel-cap and tuner buttons of this amazing dreadnought. 
With a lovely, three-dimensional, mottled grain pattern and a rich red/brown hue, the snakewood parts of the guitar really stand out; I promise you've never seen anything quite like it. And, if you are willing to believe, as I am, that bridge and fingerboard material choice can have a telling impact on the sound of a guitar, you certainly won't be disappointed by the immediacy of the attack that this glass-hard wood imparts to the tone. It's a perfect pairing with the Aged Tone adirondack top, a recipe for fast transients and shimmering high-end clarity. 
Lest you think it's all bright and chirpy at the 40th Anniversary party, Dana's top voicing, plus his choice of quilted mahogany back and sides, actually makes the first impression upon playing this guitar one of warmth and power. The bass is palpable - chest-thumping even - without any of the tubbiness of some mass-produced dreadnoughts. The mahogany also lends an almost Gibson-like midrange, the result being a dreadnought with enough harmonic bandwidth to give back in spades whatever you choose to put into it, from sensitive, brushy strokes to wallop-the-tar-out-of-'er Bluegrass backup.
But really, this is one you could be happy just gazing at for an eternity, a truly breathtaking selection of woods perfectly put together by a master craftsman at the peak of his art. On the other hand, maybe you should just close your eyes and bask in the tone. I can't decide! You won't be able to either, but the good thing is you don't have to choose. This guitar lets you do both.
- Rob Sharer, Sound Pure Luthier



This isn't a guitar 

It's a landscape 

It's easy to lose yourself in the quilted mahogany

It's a joy to wander the forest of rich, woody overtones that pour out of the soundhole with the slightest vibration

Snakewood has crawled all over this beauty, too

The fretboard is just staggering

This is in my top 5 Dreadnoughts of all time 

Hands down 

Just glorious




Manufacturer Description:

When Ricky Skaggs suggested the name "Country Boy" for our mahogany dreadnought, we all fell on the floor. We still wonder where he got such a great idea for a name!  Admittedly, depending on which Body Style is used with this traditional combination of spruce and mahogany, you can get pretty far removed from anything remotely "country" in look and sound.   Over the years, we have considered changing the name but we can’t, it was a gift!

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