Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe Addy/Mahogany Acoustic Guitar


Deluxe bluegrass machine with snarling tone!

What we think:

I've been thinking about a maxim regarding Bourgeois for awhile now and this guitar just proves me right. The maxim is: "If you bluegrass, then Bourgeois." Simply put, Dana churns out consistenly the best sounding and most precise playing bluegrass guitars on Earth. Here's one of them. The Adirondack top is crispy but nice and dry, a balanced bite, and the figured mahogany is an exciting set of back and sides that can act like more overtone-laden tonewoods if they want to. It's woody, but excited, an stellar combination for a bluegrass picker. The frets are nice and fat and there's no place your fingers can't go to do what they want to. If you want a box to pick on for decades to come, only have it sound better and better each year, then this is your box!

Manufacturer Description:

Mahogany has a quick velocity of sound, relatively lightness of weight, and noticeable midrange overtone attenuation. As a result, mahogany guitars have their own sound. Warm, dry, woody, not particularly complex, but direct, lively, and famously easy to record. 
Mahogany guitars are often looked at as poor cousins of rosewood guitars, but we politely disagree, dressing the Country Boy in classic appointments such as ebony fretboard and bridge, wooden rosette, tortoiseshell binding and nickel Waverly tuners. We also consider it worthy of the same diamond volute that we use on the back of our Vintage Dreadnought peghead. In addition to selecting only the finest quartersawn and matched South American mahogany backs and sides, the Country Boy is appointed with an Adirondack spruce top (Sitka spruce is a popular option for this model).
When Ricky Skaggs suggested the name "Country Boy" for our mahogany dreadnought, we all fell on the floor. We still wonder where he got such a great idea for a name!  Admittedly, depending on which Body Style is used with this traditional combination of spruce and mahogany, you can get pretty far removed from anything remotely "country" in look and sound.   Over the years we have considered changing the name but we can’t, it was a gift!

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