Bourgeois Georgia Dread Adirondack Spruce Acoustic - Used


Rare and beautifully-voiced dread with a speed-demon neck.

What we think:

There's not to many of these out there, but rare birds are always the best. Voiced like your typical Bourgeois: warm, light and complex; but also with a bit of aggression you'd associate with those Texas guitars. The neck on this thing is KILLER! Super-slim profile, modern as can be, it's the neck for the speed freak. If you want to play "Big Mon" at pick-melting tempo, this is one of the best guitars out there to do it on. This is also a very, very easy-playing guitar, and would be an excellent choice for the player who plays a ton of different styles and needs a responsive instrument that can do everything well. 

Manufacturer Description:

Our most popular model, the square shoulder pre-War style Dreadnought delivers ample power to cut through any performance situation. Featuring Dana's unique, single-scalloped X brace system, our Dreadnought has become a bluegrass classic, offering a blend of balance and clarity absolutely required for flatpicking, highly desirable for most other styles of playing, but rarely found in a contemporary dreadnought.

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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