Bourgeois Aged Tone/Pao Rosewood Piccolo Parlor Guitar


A historically-informed, wildly innovative, and sonically breathtaking Parlor acoustic guitar!

What we think:

This one is truly special 

It's in a league of its own 

It pulls you in 

It presents the sonic range of the instrument in a way you've never heard before 

If guitars were architecture, this would be my favorite room in the house 

It's a warm, intimate space for relaxed reflection and unfettered creativity 

It has a clear, crisp overtone structure reminiscent of a snowflake 

There's enough musculature in the Adirondack top to strum with the big boys

But it's finger-style that it really loves

It's got a startling growl that you wouldn't expect 

It loves lows 

It keeps close to the earth 

It's a wolverine of tone

The half-herringbone trim adds an irresistible air of antiquated elegance 

The Pau Rosa back and sides imbue it with a bright, spontaneous quality reminiscent of Madagascar (and dancing sunlight) 

It feels great held against my chest 

Like a natural extension of my body 

If this was my guitar, I'd never want to take it off 



Manufacturer Description:

Our smallest body style, the Piccolo Parlor is not a travel guitar and not a toy. Advancements in acoustic theory and construction technique provide a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at the possibilities inherent in a baby parlor guitar with steel strings. Ours has a full harmonic and dynamic voice in standard tuning, suitable for solo or ensemble work or vocal accompaniment. Serious players have used the Piccolo Parlor to showcase a wide variety of playing styles but have only begun to scratch the surface of its possibilities.

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