Brauner Valvet X Pure Cardioid Microphone


Cardoid Condenser Tube Microphone especially tuned for modern vocals

Manufacturer Description:

Have you ever experienced a real great tube microphones breathtaking intimacy? Have you ever noticed its charming detail and inspiring presence? If so, you will know that these attributes come at a price. - Introducing the Valvet X, Brauner releases a dedicated cardioid-only microphone which really unites these precious attributes within a microphone unparalleled in its class and pricepoint.

The Valvet X offers all of the German craftsmanship and technical perfection that made Brauner Microphones world famous. Only finest materials make it into a Brauner. Our engineers sculptured the sonic character of the Valvet X in great detail, performing hours of extensive listening tests to yield a result that will definitely floor you. Its pristine and silky black finish also makes it a real eye-catcher. If you're looking for the real thing - here you go!

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