Brauner VMX Tube Microphone


Dirk needed a more "colored" microphone to keep up with the Vintage craze, now you can get it Brauner style!

Manufacturer Description:

Whereas the VM1 represents the natural sounding part of the VMA (which combines two microphones in one), the VMX offers the full character sound of the VMA in a single microphone and yields highest detailed resolution with a soft and silky top end. Slight accentuation of the low mid and bottom end as well as a soft upper mid range grant this reference quality tube microphone a unique and completely charming sonic character.

The VMX excels in vocal and narration recordings through its well-balanced tonal appearance and pleasant proximity. It adds its own character without recognizably tainting the sound source. The VMX is also eminently suitable for instrumental recordings, through the reproduction of the finest details; giving string instruments for example the noticeable appearance of vicinity and warmth. Maximum flexibility in the fine-tuning of the respective recording is achieved through the possibility of infinitely adjustable directional characteristics.

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