Bricasti Design M10 Reverb Remote


Remote for M7 Reverb Processor

What we think:

Admittedly, we used to be skeptics about this product, and it has changed our viewpoint and our world. While we are still convinced that there is tremendous value in the great convolution plug-in based reverbs being built by companies like AudioEase (Altiverb), and McDSP, immediately upon listening to this unit, it set us straight: hard-ware based reverbs are here to say for the foreseeable future. There is simply no cost effective way to recreate the literally awesome processing power required in the Bricasti M7 in a plug-in. Given this fact, we are in the process of begging, borrowing, stealing, and scraping pennies to get an M7 for our in-house professional recording studios. There is no substitute for the special realism that this incredible hardware processor creates. If you are serious about having the best-quality and most authentic-sounding spatial reverbs available, you must purchase a Bricasti M7, as we here decided that we had to do!

We have found that in the current world of shrinking live rooms and recording environments, Bricasti has created a timely release of a product that is extremely necessary in creating the utmost in spatial realism from dry or close-mic situation. Don't continue "forcing" unnatural reverb sounds onto your recordings any longer, and pickup this Bricasti. You'll wish you had bought it sooner, just like we did.


Against all odds, Bricasti Design has emerged with a truly earth-shattering, flagship, modern-reverb processor at a very reasonable price for what you get. The company is founded and run by former Lexicon designers who broke away with the drive and vision to take Reverb to another level. While there are skeptics everywhere who feel that the days of hardware reverbs are behind us giving way to plug-in only solutions, Bricasti has proven that such a thought couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of sheer processing power in their flagship Model 7 (the equivalent of 5 x Pro Tools Accel Cards), has proven that these new Reverb algorithms aren't going to shop up (or even be replicable) in computer based DAW's in the foreseeable future. If you want to achieve the most natural sounding, impressive, and cutting-edge natural spaces and reverbs, look no further than Bricasti.

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