Thanks to Pat & Matt from Blighty for helping me out on the first one that I owned. Now I have another...!!! It walked in the friggin' door...!!! This model is truly unknown. If you know, let me know!! It is not a Tuxmaster or Dual Tone. Do your homework on this one. My old one will pull up somewhere out there in outer space & time. I truly hit a little goldmine at that. The feel is somewhat like an early 60's L/P Junior, but a better player with it's own unique tone... Any more questions, feel free to contact us on the F/W guitar. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH

Guitars West

Guitars West

British Fenton-Weill Peter Green
16 Years
Guitars West
"Big Hern"
Murrieta, CA
11:20 AM
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