Burriss dB Special 2x12 Combo Amplifier - Demo/Open Box Demo/Open Box


Bold Marshall-style crunch! Truly one of the best-sounding amps we have in the shop!

What we think:

This has got to be one of the most overlooked amps in our entire collection. If you're looking for Marshall stack tone in a compact package, look no further. This amp provides all of the responsiveness you need and has a very rich, pronounced midrange. Some good tonal references for this amp would be 90's and early 00's Mike Landau and Ian Thornley. Very buttery with single coils but this amp really shines with humbuckers and responds with an aggressive snarl when needed through its two 12" Eminence Texas Heat speakers. If classic Marshall crunch is what you're looking for, this could very well be the amp of your dreams!

Manufacturer Description:

The 60's Muscle Car of amps: Loud, Nasty and Powerful. 

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