Buscarino Chameleon Speaker 8" Cabinet


Quite possibly the best small cabinet we've heard for Archtop guitar!!!!

What we think:

In addition to the great tone of the Chameleon through the Evans amp in our demo videos, this cabinet also sounds AMAZING with Acoustic Image amp heads and combos.  Most popular choice being the Clarus that Sound Pure can provide to you. 

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Manufacturer Description:

John Buscarino, a builder of fine guitars, was looking for a speaker that would accurately convey the fine nuances that his high-end custom-built guitars are capable of generating. Considering the fact that John builds acoustic, electric and jazz guitars he also needed one speaker that could handle both electric and acoustic pickups equally well. Unfortunately, a speaker like that does not seem to exist. John, a firm believer in the "If you want it done right, do it yourself" philosophy set out to create a speaker that would satisfy these needs and more.

Chameleon is a speaker system that is designed to accurately reproduce the sound of ALL guitars across their dynamic range. Hence, versatility has been one of the design goals from the beginning.

With Chameleon connected to your favorite amplifier, you'll get great results with:

* Archtop guitars * Classical nylon-string guitars * Flat-top guitars * Semi-hollow guitars * Solid-body guitars

You can even use a Chameleon as a vocal speaker if you like. Why not? It's designed to be a full-range speaker. Other applications to consider for your Chameleon are as a studio reference speaker or even as a small P.A. It's that good!

The secret: a professional quality coaxial speaker coupled with a custom designed crossover so the Chameleon can be run in two separate modes.

In "Acoustic Mode" the input signal is run through the crossover and then distributed to the woofer and the tweeter. You get the full range sound with all the highs you'd expect out of a flat-top or a nylon-string guitar.

In "Electric Mode", the full sound is routed to the woofer only. You get a warmer, softer sound that is perfect for Archtop and Electric guitars.

Here are Chameleon's design goals:

* Must achieve the best sound possible * Must be lightweight and portable * Must be built with the highest quality components. * Must be rugged, and durable. * Must be able to accurately reproduce both acoustic and electric pickups * Must be protected against distortion, amplifier overload and short circuit. * Must mount on a pole as well as on the floor. * Must be the only guitar speaker you will ever need

After many designs and numerous changes we are proud to say that we have finally reached our goal. No expense was spared. Whenever the choice was between "quality" or "cost", quality was chosen every time.

The Chameleon was the best speaker we could make, period

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