Buscarino Starlight Nylon String Maple Top Guitar - Used


A beautiful and tender nylon starlight from Buscarino at a pre-owned price! 

What we think:

This is an earlier Starlight model from the mid 90's that still has every bit of shine as it did when it was first crafted.

The bloom of every note played is astounding, seemingly growing bolder and more rounded the louder it gets.

The warmth of the mahogany back and sides and articulate nature of the spruce come together to form a yin and yang of tonewoods.

This is the type of guitar that'll really shine with anyone doing solo arrangements on guitar, it'll play fantastically and sound just as nice.

Manufacturer Description:

The Starlight Nylon is a Thin Body Electric Acoustic Classical Guitar. Starting with a one piece body of Swamp Ash or Honduras Mahogany a sound chamber is created by hollowing out the inside of the body. The sound chamber helps produce some acoustic tone unplugged which allows the player to hear the guitar in practice situations or other settings where plugging in is undesirable and adds a more natural tone when plugged in. The Top is braced using a Lattice bracing pattern which helps to strengthen the top and give a little more punch to the acoustic tone. The bolt on neck with our exclusive DeadBolt Neck Joint Design gives you that neck thru body feel with the convenience of a bolt on neck. The heel is rounded and smooth making the guitar more comfortable to play and gives easier access to the upper frets. The DeadBolt Neck Joint adds superior strength to the Neck and increased sustain to your tone. 

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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