SN. 196466...Brazilian rosewood back and sides and a German spruce top (not Sitka). Martin commonly used German spruce in the 1960s and while not as common on Martins as Sitka spruce, if you see a Martin during this era with a non-Sitka top it's usually German spruce. This '64 D-28 has had the body and neck professionally over sprayed at some point in the long past and the original pick guard is replaced. The over spray surface is factory quality (flat and level, no orange peel texture), could have been done at Martin but there's no documentation to indicate that this is the case. The pick guard was made and installed several years ago at Kovacik Guitars, cut from 1950s/early 60s Martin tortoise stock, some of the best looking tortoise material ever made. Everything else on the guitar appears to be original. The Brazilian rosewood back has 4 repaired cracks that are tight, level and stable. The sides are crack free. There is one repaired top crack on the bass side of the top that is tight, level and stable. The top shows slight belly behind the bridge under tension, all bracing under the top is secure and the bridge tight to the top. The bridge plate in good condition and original. The neck angle was reset several years ago and is good, and the neck shows about .005" of relief under tension. The over spray is heavily crazed on the top and the neck, particularly around the heel, there is some crazing on the back and sides but it is less visible than on the top. The guitar plays with action set at 7/64" at the low E measured at the 12th fret and 6/64" at the high E, great for flat picking but low enough for finger picking as well. There's lots of saddle showing above the saddle slot so the string break angle is good and there's plenty of room to come down with the action if desired. Intonation is good, no fret buzz or other fret issues anywhere, the frets show only the slightest wear. The frets may be original, can't say for sure, but they are in excellent shape. If the guitar was refretted at some point an excellent job was done and the fret ends were dressed exactly as they are done at the factory. The guitar has great projection and clarity along with fine articulation, which are all hallmarks of German spruce top guitars. The guitar delivers the tone that you expect from a Brazilian D-28 but with a bit more brightness and snap. Comes with a newer Martin 600 series molded thermoplastic case. More pics available on request.

Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair

Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair

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