Oh a founding father of the boutique strat market...Mr Callaham....I remember the days when I lusted after his guitars....only known about through rumor and an 'in the know' confession.  The 4+ year wait turned me off at the time..then he stopped taking orders and focuses on his hardware (world class).  Trainwreck Kenny used to compliment Callaham's Amp work (kenny hated everyone's work except a few)...and GUITARS are what Callaham was most known for...does that tell you just how good these are? Partscaster fans will find these FEEL like a hand carved instrument.  The neck just has this amazing Satin-C shape that you know was painstakingly created.  Everything about this speaks of quality.  Mainstream guitars just feel and SOUND very stamped out vs. a Callaham.  I scoop these up when I can find them (which is about once a year if I am lucky).  This one just rings out unplugged.  The guitar has that vintage spanky Strat tone and the in-between tones just jangle and jangle.  The notes have a certain fatness that reminds me of what a high powered twin tweed does to notes.....they just bloom. You can see all the specifics....Specs & the 3rd Picture.  If you are worn out of the Guitar Store Brands...step up to a Callaham...


Faded Red
13 Years
Jim Pallotta
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7:30 PM

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