Carlo Catalfamo built mandolins in Albuquerque New Mexico for about a decade until health problems caused him to retire.
His instruments feature top quality tone woods, an eye for detail and unique design options.
Here’s a mandolin that has all the earmarks of an early Gibson F-4, with a Neapolitan style peg head. The combination is visually attractive including the F-4 style rosette, body scroll and binding. The neck has 5 pieces and has been crafted in the true Italian style with its slotted peg head and is reinforced with a carbon fiber rod.

The top is hand carved from high quality, tight grained spruce, while the back has likewise been carved from nicely figured fiddle back maple. The entire body is triple bound.

Upon playing, one finds that the instrument has a good solid chop and plays clearly at all positions and produces sparkling clean tones all the way up the neck. stk#VGM8002

$1850 in a foam core case that could benefit from a new zipper.

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Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

Carlo Catalfamo
Vintage Gintage
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