The original owner loved the Carol Ann JB100 so much, that he commissioned a custom JB100 from Alan Phillips (owner of Carol Ann amps) utilizing the exact same circuitry as Joe Bonamassa’s famous EL34 based JB100, but with a few minor switching options that improved the usability greatly. Identified as the RC100 by Alan, this amp is a EL34 based JB100 – with foot switchable drive, mid-boost and lead functions. It also has Alan’s remarkable auto-bias feature that allows simple “push button” biasing.

At 100 watts, this amp is a beast. But remarkably, the master volume and effects loop controls can significantly dial-down the volume while retaining all of the tone. If you've always wanted to try a JB100, then this is your chance.

I've linked a video demo from the original owner.

The tubes have been switched to 6CA7, but will also ship with the original 34's that were in it.

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