Sandoval supervised "Pocket Trumpet"! A pocket trumpet made by CAROL BRASS, a popular Taiwanese brand with high quality, in excellent and beautiful condition!♡

CAROL BRASS B♭Pocket trumpet, Arthur Sandoval model. 133mm red brass bell, brushed satin finish. 11.82mm (465") large bore. Saturn water-keyed. Clear lacquer finish. Instrument weight 926 grams. Accessories: genuine soft case.List price: 231,000 yen

Very minor shallow dents on the plate attached to the bell rim. Other than that, there are no noticeable scratches, lacquer paint damage, dents, or history of accidents. The inside of the pipe has been cleaned, and all parts have been serviced and inspected.

Carroll Brass, a Taiwanese brand that produces high quality brass instruments, is proud to present this trumpet by world-famous trumpet playerThis pocket trumpet was produced under the supervision of world-renowned trumpet player Artur Sandoval. The large bell and large bore produceThe sound from the big bell and large bore has a soft and warm feeling that can even cover the realm of cornet and flugel. It is a fun instrument to have on hand as a second instrument.



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