Caroline Guitar Company Icarus Boost Pedal


Clean Boost wrapped in gold. It's time to shine!

What we think:

The Icarus is different from just about any other boost out there, and that's what makes it so darn special. The guys at Caroline didn't want to throw a drop in the ocean of boosts available, they wanted to approach boost pedals from a functional and realistic perspective.

Its setup somewhat implies your standard treble booster...but don't be fooled! First off, the 'Wings' is your boost level, tapered in such a way that you can dial in the exact amount of volume boost you need with no jumps or drastic changes between slight turns of the dial. Where the Icarus shines, though, is the 'Sun' control. Due to the low-impedence design of the pedal, the 'Sun' control is actually a treble cut, allowing you to to tame or even darken the natural brightness of the pedal.

This means you can throw it in front of a high-wattage Twin-Style amp without any serious treble beaming or throw it in front of a darker amp to naturally boost and brighten it up. Caroline Guitar Company loves to give you room to rethink the way you use pedals, and that tendency definitely shines through with this one!

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Manufacturer Description:

Everybody has a different idea of what a “clean” boost is supposed to be. Here at Caroline, we think there’s a distinction to be made between clean and plain. This motivated us to make ICARUS™. 

Sometimes a booster is placed in front of other overdrives or effects to push them into clip or improve their performance. Other times, players use them to raise the overall volume of a clean amp, or push an amplifier on the verge of breaking up into saturation. There are also other situations where a booster is used to distinguish the lead or standout parts with a different tone.

Icarus™ excels at all of these. Its simple layout starts with a “wings” (boost) control that dials up plenty of available (>21db) gain and power, but with a non-jumpy tapered control that allows you to fine tune the amount to right where you need it. While the low-impedance output instantly eliminates the effect of long cable lengths, the “sun” (treble) control can be dialed down to a natural level of capacitance that is more natural and pleasing sounding to the ear, or dramatically darken and thicken the tone.

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