Caroline Guitar Company Meteore (M?t?ore) Lo-Fi Reverb Pedal


The hype is real! This Météore Lo-Fi Reverb is an incredible sounding reverb capable of all your lo-fi needs!

What we think:

This long-awaited reverb pedal from the guys over at Caroline Guitar Co is a wonderous joy to play, an inspiring reverb that'll have you swirling around in soundscapes for hours on end. The havoc switch, like on all Caroline pedals, is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end, if you're already not captivated by the pedal itself. The "lo-fi" verb is capable of everything from a subtlety in the back to full on drenched-and-soaked-in-sound madness. This pedal will find it's way onto your board and it may never leave.

Manufacturer Description:

Météore (pronounced may-tay-or) is our new reverb pedal.
Named for the ultramodern line 14 of the Paris Metro and its spacious interiors of glass, tile, and steel that add all kinds of nasty sonic textures at its stops, the Météore is a reverb both for straightforward users and for players who wish to be inspired and challenged by this effect. Built on a frame similar to our acclaimed Kilobyte® Lo-Fi Delay, Météore uses a digital spring reverb “brick” to provide you with traditional sounds, or empower you to distort, magnify, and extend the effect into oscillation. For this pedal, the Havoc™ control allows for infinite hold or ramped escalation into entropy and collapse based on how you set the size control.
A limited edition version, in a limited run color scheme of 50 that we will *not* be repeating, will be available soon for purchase. A portion of the sales proceeds will be going to the Central Carolina Community Foundation and its flood relief efforts here in our hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. Soundclips are below.

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