Carr Amplifiers Artemus 30W 1x12 Combo Amp - Black


A more traditional approach to classic EL84 British tones with modern enhancements to defeat the problematic components of the known AC style amps!

What we think:

We all know there are PLENTY of modern boutique amps on the market that replicate the classic AC circuit. As Carr Amplfiers are more known for their American circuits, the Artemus brings a new approach to nailing the AC tones that British Invasion fans obsess over. Carr hit the nail on the head with simplicity, class, and durability. This amp was designed to for the player wanting a simple design, and not having to tweak for hours trying to find the "sweet spot". Carr has designed the Artemus to be a never-ending "sweet spot", and it really shined with all 4 guitars I plugged into it (LP, S style, T style, JM style). The 15w and 30w settings bring both AC flavors to the table with ease, and take pedals like a dream.

We think you're going to fall in love with this amp, and as it has been discontinued, you probably won't be able to find another like it. Give us a call and grab it while you can!

Manufacturer Description:

The Artemus delivers versatile EL84 clean tones with great openness and clarity to biting or smooth touch-sensitive overdrive. The fixed bias output stage offers wonderful punch with a smooth break-up when pushed. The Edge and Mid toggles sculpt tones from mellow to aggressive. The input modified cascode 12AX7 circuit emulates EF86 thickness and gain without problematic microphonics. This is a new interpretation of my favorite aspects of AC sounds with all the stellar Carr component, craftsmanship, and cabinet qualities.

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