Carr Amplifiers The Bloke 48W 1x12 Combo Amp - Black


70's and 80's crunch, simple operation, pure British tone!

What we think:

Take a look at Carr now! Taking the 50 watt EL34 formula to the next level! 50 watts is all that you'll ever need. And the drive settings on this amp are pure rock n roll! You have your basic tone stack next to a rhythm and lead "loudness" section. Does not take long to find ideal settings! You can even run a pair of 6V6 tubes for 23 watts. Not many amps have adaptive tube capabilities like this bad boy!

Very cool cabinet design, hand-made, dove-tail jointed, right at the Carr amps shop. It's a very cool site to see! If you're ever in North Carolina, call them up and ask when a good time would be to check out the shop. It makes you feel like you need to buy one of their amps, if you hadn't already been pining for one!

The Bloke gets a SoundPure seal of approval. Are you ready to rock?!

Manufacturer Description:

The Bloke finds its inspiration in both classic British 70s and 80s heads plus late 60s American tube bass amps. We meld raw brashness with an incredibly muscular direct driver output section. Bloke overdrive is thick, articulate, and has exceptionally solid speaker control. Massive filter capacitors in all power supply stages further add to the rock-breaking punch. Footswitchable Lead mode increases sustain and odd order harmonic drive - perfect for cutting through on solos.

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