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The Carr Skylark….…Is the ultimate low-power American inspired amplifier!!
The Skylark idea began with our love and appreciation for classic home/student 60s American amps such as the Harvard to name but one. These small – student amps deliver organic tube juice and vibe at real world volumes – making them super usable and super satisfying. Our Skylark takes this fun utility a giant leap forward.
Reverb, a built in power attenuator, Hi/Low gain switch, and the extended range presence control offer an incredible pallet of tones from the Skylark’s beautiful dove-tailed cabinet.

▪ Power: 12 Watts Full Power, Attenuator between1.2 and 0 Watts.
▪ Tubes: 2 x 6V6GT, 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7
▪ Channels: One
▪ Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Presence
▪ Switches: Hi/Lo Gain, 12Watt/2Watt, Power/Standby
▪ Footswitch: No
▪ Reverb: Lush, all-tube reverb
▪ FX Loop: No

▪ 12 Watts full output - (Brilliant Power)
▪ Built-in switchable variable attenuator 1.2 watts down to zero - (Ultra Useful)
▪ Low/High Gain switch – mid-60s to Hot Rod - (Macho)
▪ All tube Reverb - (Aquatic)
▪ Extended range Mid control - (from Double Scoop to Bark)
▪ Extended range Presence control - (Polite to Crystalline)
▪ All NC yellow pine cabinet with floating baffle - (Solid Tone)
▪ New Celestion A-type 12” American voiced speaker – (Dynamic)
▪ Analysis Plus cable - (Super Conductive)
▪ 100% True point-to-point wiring.
▪ Solen Aerospace Satellite power supply capacitors
▪ Custom Carr power/output transformers
▪ Local made saddle leather handle

Dimensions & Weight:
▪ Width: 21"
▪ Height: 15.5"
▪ Depth: 9"
▪ Weight: 36 lbs

Year Condition Color Case
2015 Brand New Slub/Black None


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