Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII Mic Pre / EQ


Neve 1073 style Mic Pre/EQ Combo, but made for everyone's budget! 

Manufacturer Description:

The 7602 Mic Pre & EQ input channel was our first product in 2005 that started it all. The 7602 MKII is designed to deliver the "desert island preamp" sound you expect from English console inputs of the 70's along with 3 band EQ. We incorporated a few, important functions like switchable input impedance to optimize the unit for ribbons/dynamics vs. condensers, a 4 LED input meter, a nice 4 frequency HP filter at 50, 80, 160 and 300 Hz to get rid of the low end junk clogging up your digital recordings and an adjustable high frequency section.

The 7602 MKII makes use of a high end 20 position solid gold gain switch manufactured and imported from Switzerland. This switch is designed for long term use and is typically found in very high end US or Euro units costing a lot more. For the DI input, where there is a lot of rough plugging and unplugging of a ¼ inch jack, we chose a US made Switchcraft DI input jack to greatly improve reliability over jacks that look the same but don't last. Expensive old school US made tantalum capacitors are now incorporated on the main output board because they sound significantly better in this design than our previously used electrolytic capacitors. That's how the original console input was made and we can hear why! We use only outboard power supplies for lowest noise.

Equalizer Section (Selectable 3 band design with a flexible filter section)

Filter - This is a high pass filter with 3db loss at 300Hz, 160Hz, 80Hz, and 50Hz with an 18db cut per octave slope.

Low Equalization This section has a shelving slope with four frequency selections: 220Hz, 110Hz, 60Hz, and 35Hz. This equalizer affects the selected frequency and all others below it. The gain control provides 20db of boost or cut.

Mid Equalization This section has a peaking characteristic with six frequency selections: 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6k, 3.2k, 4.8k, and 7.2k. The gain control provides 20db of boost or cut.

High Equalization This section has a shelving characteristic with five frequency selections: 16k, 12k, 7k, 4.9k and 3.4k. This section adjusts the selected frequency and all others above it. The gain control provides 20db of boost or cut.


Model 7602 MKII Features

  • Fully balanced transformer mic and line inputs
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Hi-Z direct input for instruments on the front panel
  • LED input metering *NEW
  • Selectable mic impedance switch (300 or 1200 Ohms) *NEW
  • 48VDC phantom power switch
  • 180 degree phase reversal switch
  • 20 position gold contact ELMA rotary gain switch for both Mic and Line sections
  • Output level control functions as a fader when going straight to tape
  • One-year warranty



By employing classic circuit design, polystyrene capacitors, a gold contact ELMA gain selector and custom wound transformers, Chameleon Labs ensures that the Model 7602 MKII will exhibit classic audio sound.

The Model 7602 MKII has a transformer balanced input with a range between 20dB and 80 dB of gain. The separate line input is transformer balanced and accepts input levels from -20 to +10dB.

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