Chandler Limited TG2 500 Mic Preamp


The same sound you've come to love from the Rack Mount TG2, now in 500 series!

Manufacturer Description:

Using the identical TG2 circuit, transistors, and transformers, the TG2-500 delivers 10 – 60 dB of gain and uses a coarse gain control and a fine gain control as found on EMI consoles. The unit also provides 300 and 1200 Ohm input impedance choices, just as on the TG2.

Equally important, the Chandler TG2-500 delivers frequency response identical to the TG2 - it has the same high frequency bump and mid forward tone that users of the original TG2 are already familiar with, along with the warmth inducing distortion which contributes to its sound. The end result is a creamy, smooth tone with a surprisingly open, clear top end. The sound, as explained by many users, has the ‘warmth and punch’ of the Neve, but with a nicer, expanded top end.  

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