As sweet as a banana split, but rich as cheesecake, this 2007 Charis SJ has all the toppings to make any fingerstylist happy: glassy low action, articulate string-to-string balance, and resounding basses paired with bell-like trebles. This is number five of ten guitars that Bill Wise built exclusively for us as a part of our Dream Series, so we were able to pick out a fabulous set of Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides and an Italian Spruce top for added creaminess to the voice.

The low end is warm and very present, but with a well-defined edge that contributes an enveloping quality to your arrangements. With a few years under its belt, this Charis has opened up nicely, and responds well to even a delicate touch. If you're a fan of altered tunings, you'll be well served by this one, especially if Celtic stylings are more to your liking.

Year Condition Color
2007 Good Rosewood - Brazilian


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