CharterOak M900T Vacuum Tube Microphone


The vacuum tube version of CharterOak's popular M900 small diaphragm condenser microphone.

What we think:

The CharterOak m900t is quite an impressive tube pencil microphone. The m900t's frequency spectrum is incredible, providing a full bottom end, a detailed mid range, and a smooth high end that eliminates the harsh qualities found in other tube pencil mics. We found the m900t to shine on drum overheads and acoustic guitar, yielding a tone full of harmonic information yet still crisp and defined. 

Manufacturer Description:

The CharterOak M900T small diaphragm condenser microphone is the vacuum tube version of our popular M900. It is excellent in situations where flat frequency response, excellent transient response, and robust and detailed sound are required.

The CharterOak M900T is a small diaphragm condenser microphone, which employs a vacuum tube head amplifier and Cinemag 2480 output transformer. The microphone utilizes modified versions of our S-5 (cardioid), S-6 (hyper-cardioid), and S-7 (omni-directional) capsule types. All three of these capsules are shipped with each M900T head amplifier, and are easily interchangeable. Sequentially numbered matched pairs are available for stereo recording. The M900T is equipped with a 15dB pad facility, and a 6dB per octave bass roll off at 75Hz. It is delivered in a hard locking flight case with a windsock, shock-mount, and custom power supply, and is guaranteed for life.

Appropriate uses for the CharterOak M900T are acoustic instruments, amplified guitars and bass, percussion, stringed instruments, piano, and ambient room recording etc.

The microphones are delivered with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor and easy access to factory technical support.

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