Collings 001 Adirondack Spruce Acoustic Guitar #24531


Powerful, woody, and smooth 00 from Collings! 

What we think:

I'm really keen on this one. It's the perfect blend of balance and playability. All the notes you'll ever need are in here eagerly awaiting some fingers to stir them loose. You can make them jump, croon, and ring. It's all in the touch. 

I went to play it and reflect just now and I instantly leaned back into the couch and began working on a song. It's THAT kind of guitar. It's haunted with music. 

The neck is very comfortable (we went for a 1 3/4" nut rather than the standard 1 13/16ths) and the tone is smooth and just a tad crispy...kind of like the frosting on a gourmet cupcake. Don't be fooled, though. It'll deflate your souffle if you lay into it. 

Perfect for old time, country, and song-writers of all ilks. It's not just a couch guitar. It's an everywhere guitar. 


Manufacturer Description:

We offer the 00 in its original, 12-fret configuration, a guitar shape that was first designed around the time of the Civil War. Its dimensions are similar to a typical classical guitar, with a slotted headstock and small pyramid bridge. The comfortable size and timeless appearance of the Collings 00 is matched by the ease of playing a wide neck and shorter string scale affords. The tone is typically balanced and precise, and we've seen it adopted for a wide range of playing styles from simple vocal accompaniment to ragtime solos. When you want the durability of a modern guitar but one that appears rooted in an earlier, simpler time, the 00 is a versatile choice.

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