Collings C10SB Custom Sitka/Maple Cutaway 24724


A Custom C10 with Maple back and sides, neck, and a full-body sunburst!!

What we think:

This one came to me in a dream 

I've always loved the focus of a Collings C10 

That clear, woody voice 

That lovely C-neck profile that fills out my palm so well 

What if it had Maple back and sides, though? 

The result is astonishing 

It's a bright, warm sound that, despite its size, could knock a door down 

Rich, fill fundamental with tons of sustain and the faintest trace of overtones like a dollop of cream on a macchiato 

Gorgeous, too

We went for the full-body burst so you get tigerish glimpses of all the lovely wood grain

This is a small guitar with claws 

Manufacturer Description:

Based on guitars first introduced around the same time as the OM, the Collings C10 is a leaner alternative, with the narrow waist and small upper bout resulting in a precise, focused response. Of all our acoustic models, the C10 is perhaps the easiest for electric guitarists to adapt to, thanks in part to the more rounded neck profile. The small oval neck heel is ideally suited to the optional cutaway, which allows unrestricted access to the upper frets. With its unique shape and asymmetrical headstock's lines echoed in the curvilinear pickguard, C10 models offer a welcome alternative for those who find that most small acoustic guitars look too much alike.

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