Collings C10-35 SB Sitka/Mahogany Acoustic Guitar 25132


A beautiful, limited-production, sunburst C-10 with "35-style" straight braces and a cut-through saddle!

What we think:

The C10-35 is finally here!

Just like its older brother, every note is in its own postal code 

It's as punchy, bluesy, and defined as they come 

It's got a rich full tone no matter how you pluck it, but this thing LOVES a heavy right hand 

Laying into a big wide Open E on this sweetheart is a joy that I will never forget 

The straight-braced sound is very much its own thing 

If this is the sound you've got stuck in your head, then get it before its gone

I don't know how many of these will be made, but I'm gong to enjoy it while it lasts 

Manufacturer Description:

As the newest addition to our acoustic line-up, the C10-35 brings a new voice to one of our favorite body sizes. This limited-production model features specially selected ultra-lightweight tonewoods, non-scalloped Adirondack bracing, a long cutthrough saddle, and other vintage-inspired features for an entirely new C10 experience. Like its big brother, the popular CJ-35 model, the C10-35 produces dry punchy tone with a snarly attack and incredibly even response in a compact and comfortable package.

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