Collings 2015 C10SB Sunburst Acoustic 24078 - Used


Delightful Gibson-style OO, warm and sweet tone with relaxing playability. Repaired side crack!!!

What we think:

The C-10 is hands-down my favorite Collings model. It can handle a wide variety of folk styles, country blues and ragtime, old-time and country guitar, and has enough clarity and "OM-ness" in its build to handle modern styles, too. Unless you're Tony Rice, this is going to be a great guitar for you, plain and simple. But I'm pretty sure Tony would like this one, anyway. It's got sticky and warm mahogany tone with a touch of sweetness and extra bump in the higher frequencies, and wonderful clarity throughout. This particular guitar had a moderate side crack that was repaired and cleated by our in-house luthier Rob Sharer. Other than that, there isn't a scratch on this guitar. It's a fantastic deal on a nearly-new guitar that's just itching to be someone's lifelong friend!

Manufacturer Description:

Based on parlor guitars first introduced around the same time as the OM, the Collings C10 is a leaner alternative, with the narrow waist and small upper bout resulting in a precise, focused response. Of all our acoustic models, the C10 is perhaps the easiest for electric guitarists to adapt to, thanks in part to the more rounded neck profile. The small oval neck heel is ideally suited to the optional cutaway, which allows unrestricted access to the upper frets. With its unique shape and asymmetrical headstock's lines echoed in the curvilinear pickguard, C10 models offer a welcome alternative for those who find that most small acoustic guitars look too much alike.

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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