Collings D1 Sitka/Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic #25178


A beautiful dread with enough power to break the sound barrier!

What we think:

As if we're not totally enamored with the Collings line already, this D1 is a perfect reminder of why we believe so heavily in the brand. The mahogany back and sides bring a beautiful balance to the tonal spectrum one might not expect - the bass response is booming and present but never taking over. The top end is sparkling and shimmering without ever getting shrill or hollow. It's a dread that'll be as nice to a flat picker as it is to a strummer, a complete package. The custom ordered 1 and 3/4" nut width gives your fingers enough space to move around while still hammering out all those congested chord shapes and the Adirondack braces are just icing on the cake. This D1 is all you'd expect and more.

Manufacturer Description:

The square-shouldered 14-fret dreadnought is the most popular steel-string acoustic guitar body shape in the world. While Collings is certainly not the first to build them, we bring a new tonal clarity to the depth and warmth usually associated with such a large, deep-bodied guitar. Although its bass response makes the dreadnought ideal for vocal accompaniment, Collings versions are also often employed by bluegrass flatpickers who must compete with inherently louder instruments such as banjos and fiddles. The wide range of woods and neck sizes offered allow dreadnought fans to find a Collings model ideally suited to their playing style and tonal preference.

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