Collings DS1 Addy Spruce/Mahogany 12-Fret Acoustic #25255


A 12 fret dreadnought with Adirondack spruce top and mahogany back & sides!

What we think:

A fingerstyle player's dream you never knew you would have!  Seriously, it's surprising how such a big-bodied guitar with such a grand, open presence is able to sustain syncopated rolls and fingerstyle patterns without any loss of clarity.  Bass and treble parts played in tandem ring and float without threatening to drown one another out.  These big, open, balanced qualities, of course, make this instrument a study in versatility as well.  Alternating between complex, shifting fingerstyle parts and wide, rolling strummed chords feels natural and deeply gratifying.  And don't forget that dynamic range!  Flatpickers will be amazed, in turn, by the punchiness that can be coaxed out of this headroom-heavy dread, particularly as you move closer and closer to that 12th fret.  A modern design with serious tonal integrity!        

Manufacturer Description:

This is the original 12-fret dreadnought shape, first designed as an oversized Hawaiian guitar almost a century ago. We've retained the shape and wide neck with slotted headstock from that bygone era, but our DS models are thoroughly modern guitars with a unique sound all their own. The longer body, with the bridge closer to the center of the lower bout, delivers an open, airy tone with smoothness and warmth not typically found in modern, 14-fret dreadnoughts. Whether flatpicked or played fingerstyle, these guitars have lots of headroom and the wide dynamic range invites everything from mellow accompaniment to biting leads.

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