Collings SJ Indian Acoustic Guitar 21887 - Used


Incredible Collings SJ in Excellent Condition! 

What we think:

If you're looking for power AND focus, this guitar will be the perfect fit. 

It's hypnotic curves are more than just attractive. . .

They serve to rein in those glistening highs and thundering lows and roll them up into a devastating closed fist punch of tone. 

The C neck is incredibly comfortable and swift. It fills up the palm without slowing it down. 

As a rhythm guitar, it hits the "sweet" spot. 

As a solo guitar, it's got the clarity you need for the most complex arrangements and the bass for fullness. 

As a lead guitar, it could run with a pack of dreadnoughts from dawn 'till dusk. 

This one's in terrific shape. About 2 years old. Clean as a fresh snowfall. 

Give us a call while it lasts. 

Manufacturer Description:

The SJ is our version of what is commonly called a small Jumbo. Although the 16 inch lower bout is slightly wider than a dreadnought, and the sides almost as deep, the tight curve at the waist creates in a very different sound chamber. SJs, especially examples in maple, typically have a more pronounced midrange response when compared to a dreadnought, making them ideal candidates for a rounded cutaway. Players looking for the bass and overall volume of a large guitar, but with lots of treble clarity and midrange crunch, often find just what they need in the curvaceous SJ.

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