Comins 16" Concert Model Archtop Guitar No. 0266


16" masterbuilt Archtop with Barbera pickup system and breath-taking playability!

What we think:

Here's an expertly-crafted guitar that pushes all the right buttons for me: no frills, unbelievable playability, astounding tone and dark, understated aesthetics. I love this guitar, plain and simple. There's a lightness to the playability that compliments the fastness and solidity of the neck, you get a euphoric feeling of weightlessness and immense strength at the same time. This guitar sounds sweet and crisp acoustically, and warm and beautifully even plugged in. My chord melody arrangements played themselves, and I was able to do some fast bebop runs with a confidence I didn't know I had. The best guitars make you play good. This one makes you play great.

Manufacturer Description:

The Concert Model, with is modesty in appointments and violin style shading, has an aura of timeless simplicity. Hand carved from solid woods, it possesses the same high standards of tone, playability and workmanship as the Chester Avenue and the Classic, though it presents an understated alternative.


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