Comins GCS-1ES Violin Burst Semi-Hollow Guitar #1ES112110


Spruce Top/Ebony Fingerboard GCS-1ES in eye-catching violin burst!


What we think:

Another fine offering from Bill Comins, this time in the classy Violin Burst finish. The Spruce top provides a round attack and a warm, complex tone that is akin to Bill's archtops, but with a little more focus and resistance to feedback from the thinline laminate construction. The instrument responds very well to amplifiers and the plugged-in tone is as smooth as butter (especially in the neck position)--making this guitar more than capable of being your go-to gigging jazz guitar. It doesn't end there, however, and the range of tonal possibilities extends to include rock, blues, funk, fusion, and just about anything else you can throw at it. The coil-tapping humbuckers play a huge part in this guitar's versatility and in the single coil mode you have plenty of glassy, chimey, and spanky tone in all 3 pickup positions. Contact Sound Pure today for more information!



Manufacturer Description:

The GCS-1ES is of the same design as the GCS-1 although the fingerboard and top wood has been replaced with Ebony and Spruce respectively. This configuration tailors the instrument more specifically toward warmer/darker/thicker jazz tones. Included is a TKL hard-shell case.

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