Cooper FX Arcades LOFI Card includes the following patches:

1. VHS – tape/vhs emulation with pitch modulation and bandwidth reduction
  • Wow – random slower modulation
  • Flut – random faster crinkly modulation
  • LPF – low pass filter cutoff frequency
  • HPF – high pass filter cutoff frequency
2. Vinyl – emulates the sound of an old vinyl, with bitch bends, filtering, crackly static, and hiss
  • RPM – rate of the vinyl’s modulation
  • Dpth – depth of the warping on the vinyl
  • Age – adjusts the amount of filtering and saturation
  • Nois – introduces static hiss and crackling pops
3. Crusher – aggressive filtered and crushed square wave/synthy voice
  • Sen – sensitivity of envelope filter
  • Det – detunes secondary voice
  • Sub – level of the third sub octave voice
  • Res – resonance of envelope filter – can get really loud and aggressive
4. Delay – low fidelity delay with sample rate reduction and random modulation
  • Time – delay time, tap tempo available
  • Fbk – feedback level
  • SRte – sample rate of delay, Counter clockwise is very lo fi
  • Flut – random flutter modulation amount
5. Reverb – warbly dusty sounding reverb with less than optimal reverberation smearing
  • Dcy – decay of reverb
  • Mod – amount of warble modulation
  • Nois – amount of hiss in the reverb signal
  • LPF – low pass filter cutoff frequency
6. RngMod – ring modulator with ability to randomize frequency
  • Freq – frequency of the ring modulator
  • Fine – fine tune the frequency of the ring modulator
  • Rand – probability of the Freq control to be randomized
  • Rspd – speed of the randomizer
7. BitVrb – reverb with digital sample rate reduction applied to the trails
  • Dcy – when fully CW, the reverb loop is frozen
  • Diff – diffusion of reverb taps, adjustable from discrete delay like taps, to smeared             washy reverb
  • Digi – sample rate of reverb tail
  • Amnt – blend between normal reverb and the digitized crushed signal
8. Synth – samples a chuck of your sound and re imagines it as a synth like voice
  • Sen – sensitivity of the envelope triggered sampler
  • Crsh – amount of digital distortion/crushing applied to synth voice
  • Filt – filter cutoff frequency
  • Atk – attack, or time for the envelope filter tor each its max frequency
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