The Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars says of the makers of this instrument: "The Cordoba line of classical guitars is designed for the characteristics of a handmade guitar, but priced for the serious student. All Cordoba guitars are entirely handbuilt with the finest woods including European spruce and Canadian red cedar. Cordoba offers a guitar built in the style of great Spanish luthiers but at a competitive price." (p. 127. The company’s "competitive prices" range from $179 to $6,299.) This is not from a Cordoba advertisement, but from the Blue Book itself—an opinion which is corroborated by many of the reviews available online.

This Cordoba CP110 from the Iberia series clearly fits their description. It's built in the classical style, with a solid cedar top, nicely figured mahogany back and sides, and a Nato neck with a dovetail neck joint. The 12/19-fret rosewood fingerboard ends in the traditional classical slotted headstock with open-style gold-colored tuners. The colorful rosette mosaic offers a nice contrast to the satin finish of the cedar, as does the dark rosewood of the wrap-around bridge. This is a truly attractive instrument.

It also is a true classical guitar, not a "folk" guitar or some kind of hybrid. It has a full classical neck, measuring 2” at the nut, and a classical 25 1/2” scale. One of the reviewers mentioned adding a flamenco tap plate to the top to suit his repertoire, but this guitar is not designed for steel strings because of the relatively light classical bracing system. Fortunately, this also makes it quite light in weight and physically easy to handle compared to a steel-string dreadnought.

This is guitar is in near mint condition, but even without time for playing-in and seasoning the tonewoods, the sound is excellent, full and mellow. The lower end is particularly resonant, presumably because of the solid cedar top.

Included is an inexpensive vinyl gig bag which is useful as a carrying case but is not designed for serious protection. It is included free for your convenience.

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