Not too many folks have had the plesure of playing an original Curbow bass. But I have been fortuneate enough to and these Cort made Active pickup clones REALLY come close. The biggest difference by far is the price. The silloutte decal of Ralph Wiggum[ Chief Wiggum's son of course] on the back in my opinion truly adds that certain ' class' to it. but if you dissagree it can easily come off.
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Diamond Strings

Diamond Strings

metalic blue
19 Years
Diamond Strings
Bruce Diamond
Rochester, NY
1:54 AM
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I accept payments by bank check or postal money order. Credit cards through -layaways can be done by working out details with me directly. All prices are subject to change [ either up down] The price that is listed on the website reflects the current prices .

I ship immediately upon payment. Buyer is responsible for 'all' shipping/ handling charges unless otherwise otherwise worked out with seller. I ship FedEx ground unless otherwise stated by the buyer. 48 hour approval time upon receipt. Ya gotta love it!! I ship fully insured and I pack WELL!!!

Buyer has 48 hours approval time upon receipt. In the event of a return.[almost has never happened] The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs [including time and packaging materials]. Returns must be sent back well packed and insured and received in the same condition as sent before refunds are sent back. In addition there is a $15 restocking fee.