People always ask me for recommendations on world class guitars that won't break the bank.  THIS, my deciples, is one such instrument.  Hand crafted with both a carved top AND a carved back!  Even the cavity covers are hand crafted wood.  The gold finish is rich and deep.  The headstock overlay is shows the wood grain.  This is not a stamped out piece made to look good.  This is created with top components (See the Spec/Condition sheet in the pictures for all those details).   The key for this guitar is the tone.  Top level guitars have a beautiful 3D quality to notes.  I like to hear the strings come through as well as the wood. I am not personally a fan of pickups that impart a tone to the guitar.  I can grab a $356 plank for that.  The highs are just wonderful. They have spank and bloom and are not harsh.  Almost sounds to me like I'm playing through an old Fender Amp.   The lower notes are clear and not woofy.  For the money you will get a bolt-on mass produced partscaster OR you can get this handcrafted lovingly sculpted guitar.  You decide.


CP Thornton
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Jim Pallotta
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