Crane Song HEDD 192 A/D/A Converter


Mastering quality A/D/A converters with more! The HEDD is not only one of the best converters on the market, it also has Tube and Tape saturation right at your fingertips!

What we think:

This is unquestionably the most versatile and powerful digital audio converter available on the market today. Its conversion capability is truly incredible, but its analog emulation is unequalled. When using it in our studio, there was NEVER an instance where the HEDD's analog emulation wasn't useful. That included everything from tracking vocals to mastering symphony orchestra recording. This is a must have for truly any studio that interfaces the analog and digital worlds. The HEDD's analog emulation (tape and tube) is useful in just about every possible situation. It is subtle, yet effective, and we still haven't found a situation where ours doesn't work!

Manufacturer Description:

HEDD, short for Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device, is a technological breakthrough in signal processing. It is engineered to provide musically pleasing sound with the capability of generating tube/analog sounds in the digital domain. HEDD gives any user who works with digital the ability to sound less digital and more analog.
Features include:

  •     High-quality 24-bit A/D and D/A Convertors
  •     24-bit Processing
  •     Adjustable Triode, Pentode and Tape sounds
  •     Digital I/O, AES and S/PDIF
  •     External WC Sync Input and Output
  •     22 Element VU Metering
  •     Analog Tape Compression

The front panel controls allow the user to select input source, sample rate, and continuously variable triode and pentode sounds. The HEDD can operate as an effects device or as a separate A/D and D/A convertor with the harmonic generation process applied to either the A/D or the D/A convertor.
The signal processor performs 24 Bit processing on a digital or analog source.

HEDD has transformerless balanced analog inputs and outputs, transformer isolated digital inputs and outputs, and uses separate power transformers and supplies for the analog and digital sections. The HEDD-192 will operate at sample rates from 44.1K to 192K.

Applications include: CD preparation, work station input and output, DAT machine A/D and D/A convertor replacement and effects generation (warming or changing sounds in the digital domain). HEDD can be used in tracking, mixing, and mastering.

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