Crane Song IBIS Mastering Stereo EQ


Stereo Discrete Class A EQ w/ true switch-selectable Controls For Mastering

What we think:

Like all things from the mind of Dave Hill, the Ibis has all the standard features you could ever need PLUS the ability to add a little magic. The Ibis starts out as an incredibly detailed 4-band fully parametric EQ with a clean and musical tone. Everything from a wider Q for a more wide-stroke manipulations to very narrow, laser-focused carving, the Ibis delivers what you want for tracking, mix buss and mastering.

Where things get interesting: you have the ability to add variable color to one frequency band, or ALL bands. Want to take some harshness out of a vocal? Add the color in the upper-mids to ease off some edge. Want to add thick texture to the low-end of your EDM mix? Throw some color on the low-band. The ability of this EQ to control the color on any band, all bands, or run it clean, opens up a tremendous amount of flexibility for handfuls of applications and nearly any genre. 

Manufacturer Description:

(Description of standard unit below. This listing is the fully stepped mastering version).

IBIS is an analog equalizer that boldly takes equalization to a new level of musicality. Each of its four bands features switch-selectable frequencies centered on and covering musical-step intervals from 32-Hz "C" to 22.35-kHz "F." Its four overlapping bands are labeled with note names and frequency allowing for the first time a "translation" between musician-speak and engineer-jargon. The bandwidth control has similar notation with adjustment from 0.2 octave to 4 octaves per band and a boost / cut range of 12 dB.

The low-cut filter is switch selectable from 20-Hz to 150-Hz with slopes of either 12-dB or 24-dB per octave. Like most Crane Song products, IBIS utilizes discrete class-A circuitry and features a truly unique and adjustable "color" function that can be applied to either the entire audio path or to any individual frequency band. 

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