The Crate Vintage club 60 is a great tube amp for the player that really likes to dial in and personalize their tone. The amp has two inputs for instruments with both active and passive pickups, as well as a clean and lead channel. The amp features gain, treble, mid, bass, and master controls for each channel, as well as reverb and presence. Some of the more special features include a mid boost per channel, a low boost on the clean channel, and a bright switch on the overdrive channel. This amp also includes an awesome two button foot switch, for ease of switching between channels and master reverb control. There is an effects loop and an extension speaker out, for when you need maximum volume. The grill cloth is in excellent shape, and the exterior shows barely any visible wear. Don�t miss out on this rare opportunity to score such a bargain like this on a British style tube amp.

Year Condition Color
Call Excellent Black


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