Craviotto 6.5x13 Johnny C. Series Maple Snare Drum


The Craviotto Johnny C. Series Solid Shell maple snare drum is a great, all-around “workhorse” that’s well-suited for any musical style. With its unsurpassed quality, consistency and versatility, the Johnny C.'s sound and performance possibilities are unlimited.

What we think:

A new take on an old favorite, Craviotto brought fresh style and a lower price point to the signature workhorse oneply solid Maple snare drum, the Johnny C. snare drum. Formerly called the Diamond Cast, Johnny C. Series snare drums pay homage to master drum builder, Johnny Craviotto. Its Johnny’s unrivaled signature one-ply, solid Maple shell that has become the “go-to” instrument for drummers and studio engineers alike. Johnny C. snare drums feature the same one-ply, solid Maple shell found on our Custom Shop drums. The streamlined lug design isx` a graceful, elegant silhouette. This sleek design minimizes the amount of metal contacting the shell allowing for enhanced resonance. Why compromise on quality, integrity, craftsmanship, and performance? Johnny C. Series snare drums offer unparalleled warmth, range, and versatility at a price point aimed at providing working drummers with a world class, handmade instrument. Johnny C. Series snare drums are available in 5.5 x 14” and 6.5 x 14” with 45° degree bearing edges. Play a Johnny C. snare drum today, and hear why the “Johnny C.” ” will quickly become your go-to drum.

Manufacturer Description:

Each Craviotto Drum Company Johnny C. Series Snare Drum features our exclusive cast lugs and a rich, hand-rubbed natural satin oil finish to further enhance the drum’s overall appearance and performance. The Johnny C. Series Edition’s extensive list of standard equipment also includes chrome-plated, heavy-gauge, triple-flanged counterhoops, black Trick GS-007 three position throw off, Craviotto Drum Co. Deluxe Snare Wires, top-quality Remo Ambassador® drumheads, and a Craviotto drumkey.

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