The Cusack Music Resound is a digital reverb pedal based around the popular Spin Semiconductor FV-1 micro. It comes loaded with eight different reverbs the ability to save up to eight presets, and an extend switch to help create complex ambient landscapes.

There are separate live and preset modes, as well as a unique decay control that alters how long the reverb effect lasts. The level control boosts or cuts the overall output signal from the pedal — noon is at unity gain. The extend switch maxes out the decay, which varies by program. Press once to turn it on, and a large LED will blink fast, and once more to turn it off. The cascade control is used in combination with the extend, and it controls whether new notes are added to the extended reverb or not. 

Find your brand new sound with the killer varieties of the Resound Digital Reverb — available now at Replay Guitar Exchange! As always, feel free to contact our store for more details, or with any questions.

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