DACS Clarity Stereo Mic Preamp


Detailed and clean 2 Channel Microphone Preamp

Manufacturer Description:

-2 channel discrete-component-based microphone amplifier
-Ultra low noise, ultra low distortion
-Transparent sound
-Gain settings in 6dB steps, from +20dB to +62dB, with a 0dB to 10dB trim control
-Separate non-Phantom Power input coupled directly to gain stage for dynamic and valve mics
-Flat frequency response from below 20Hz to above 48kHz
-Tri-segment LED display for clear metering

Easy to set up and use, the DACS Clarity MicAmp produces an extraordinarily clear, uncoloured, detailed and complete sound for recording everything from voice and acoustic instruments to overheads on drums, with bomb proof input stage and optional in line pad. Users universally describe it as one of the finest microphone amplifiers in the world

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