DACS Eightch Level Controller


Eight channel VCA volume control

Manufacturer Description:

The DACS Eightch is an eight channel volume control. Used for 5.1, 7.1 monitoring, 8/16 channel ambisonic research, or controlling the volume of any multi speaker format the Eightch is the perfect professional tool.

Our aim was to produce a simple but very high quality unit, with an affordable price tag. It seemed to us that most DAWs these days had plenty of internal controls, and there was little point in duplicating these. We wanted to focus on the requirements outside the box for real systems of speakers. The unit provides 8 inputs and 8 outputs on TRS jacks, 8 trimmers (+/-6dB) and 1 Volume knob.

We have used THAT Ingenius input ICs, THAT 2181A VCAs (their finest - each one is hand trimmed to achieve their best performance)

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