Analog effects processor 

Manufacturer Description:

Produce pumping tracks that stand out from the crowd with the FwS FREQue II (pronounced "freak"), a genuinely new and inspirational analogue effects processor.

"In a world filled with plug-ins that do everything, the FREQue II is a processor that few, if any, plug-ins can emulate. The FREQue II is truly a sound designer’s dream. It’ll chew up program material like nothing else out there!" (Alex Artaud review)

The Effects:

With low frequency modulation inputs:
Simple to complex autopan effects, gating, amplitude modulation, flanging, spatialising

With mid frequency modulation inputs:
Vocoding type effects, adding tunable harmonics, both lower down to subsonic, and up to supersonic, second harmonic distortion (like valves/tubes), harmonising, retuning percussion, gating, general rich distortion, Sci-Fi voices (eg a Dalek)

With high frequency modulation inputs:
Transposition with distortion, adding glitter, air, sparkle etc when mixed back into original

With music or sounds into both inputs:
Vocoding effects, gating effects, fattening/thickening effects, spatial effects, weird transformations

Internal FM:
Frequency Modulation of modulation oscillator at all frequencies, giving effects ranging from slow pulsation to the classic FM generation of complex waveforms

External voltage control of oscillators:
Envelope follower effects, FM effects as above, randomised autopanning

Frequency shift:
Up and down shift of frequency with change in harmonic structure, with FM for sliding effects, using feedback loop to create filter type sweeps

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