Daking Comp 500-Series VCA Compressor/Limiter


High performance professional Compressor/Limiter compatible with 500 series racks.

Manufacturer Description:

The Daking Comp 500 is a simple to use VCA compressor/ limiter in a 500 series format. Although it is a VCA, it behaves and sounds much like the FET circuitry found in the other Daking compressors.  Relying on his years of experience and testing, Geoff has designed a simple semi-automatic compressor useful for both tracking and mixing.
The compression is set with one knob-- less compression or more compression. Attack is switchable between fast and slow, and Release is switchable between fast and Auto. Ratio is about 4:1 (comp) or 20+:1 (limit).
The stereo link is very accurate and can link up to 6 units if necessary.


• Ultra Flexible and Easy to Use
• Fast and Transparent
• High Headroom
• Class “A” Circuitry
• Discrete Transistors
• Single-Sided Amplifiers
• Lead Free
• Rohs Compliant
• Low Current Draw

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