The Meathead. Established 2004AD. Often imitated, never surpassed. Little box, big idea. Caveman style fuzz tones for killing dinosaurs. Crank it up and hit that switch. Ka-pow! The flavour is thick and raw with a throaty woody bark. Optimum clarity and saturation are delivered with a long syrupy sustain at mountainous volumes. The bass to treble response is perfectly balanced for a heavy but dynamic fuzz tone that will project as well as it can saturate. A most excellently low background noise is achieved through careful transistor selection and biasing which further enforces the Meathead's fluid and articulate sonic capabilities.


Just the one. Even through the Meathead has only one control different tones can be achieved. As the Dirt control is increased the signal not only becomes louder but slightly more saturated. Unity with your clean tone will be reached around noon thus giving you a great deal of volume boosting and drive capabilities. Lowering the guitars volume control will make the overall tone fizzier and increase the treble response.
Start out the Dirt control set at noon and increase or decrease as necessary. The greater headroom your amplifier has the greater the amount of volume boost the Meathead will deal out. The Meathead will also respond well to dirty or driven amplifiers. Used like this the Meathead will increase in intensity as the Dirt control is increased.

The Meathead is created by using…

  1. Custom finished heavy duty die cast aluminium enclosure with hand applied screen print.

  2. Low noise gain selected audio grade silicon transistors.

  3. Long life audio grade Alpha potentiometer.

  4. 1/4 inch Neutrik audio jacks with gold plated contacts.

  5. Bulgin style chicken head knob.

  6. Heavy duty footswitch wiring with True Bypass switching and LED status indicator.

  7. 1 % tolerance metal film resistors.

  8. High grade polyester audio capacitors and long life Electrolytic capacitors.

  9. 2.5% silver and 0.5% copper lead free solder.

  10. Stranded tinned annealed copper core wire with compound PVC insulation.

  11. Stripboard (no PCB’s here) circuit that is hand prepared with any solvents or toxic chemicals.

  12. The hands and mind of a human being tuned into cosmic law.

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