DAM Super Bee SB-66 Fuzz in very good condition with original box and papers. Some light velcro residue on the bottom of the pedal.

From DAM:

Behold! Much fuzziness is now to hand. The DAM Super Bee is the airborne chum and bosom buddy to the DAM Drag’n’fly. Small footprint, big tones, modern features and 100% unadulterated germanium bliss. The no frills approach of the Super Bee is basically an evolved version of the ‘Super Bee’ setting that is featured on our 1966 fuzz pedal. Corn fed and ripe for the picking the Super Bee pedal is much more capable of handling higher gain pick-up types along with modern equipment and playing styles.

The tone you will hear is a deep brick wall type of fuzz tone. It is heavy in flavour and mood but never mushy or unfocused. It is a bass heavy pedal and has all the weighty tone of a good germanium Fuzz Face but with a little more push and shove in the upper and midrange frequencies. The treble content is finely balanced therefore giving the SB-66 a little more drive and aggression than its vintage relations. As with our 1966 the roots of the Super Bee are firmly rooted with the Italian made Vox Tone Benders though the Super Bee really is squeezed it tight. I’ve juiced this circuit type for as much gain as is possible whilst retaining the vintage feel. When this little fellow is fully dimed out it is more than capable of moving a good amount of air whist laying down a truly old school flavour. This fuzz box will most certainly sting like a bee!

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